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DR1VEN Training is an Elite Basketball Player Development company. Hosting camps and clinics worldwide in addition to conducting personal and small group training, DR1VEN is committed to elevating player’s skill levels be they aspiring middle schoolers or highly decorated collegiate athletes.

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DR1VEN Training

Our Training Philosophy

DR1VEN uses a systematic and proven approach with each athlete taking into account age, skill level, and end goal while putting together customized Long Term Skill Development Plans.

Initial sessions are used as assessments with subsequent workouts geared towards skill acquisition of real game skills that then translate to live game play.


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Step 1 - Technical Development

Initial work to build player’s technical footwork, ball handling, shooting, fishing, and defense.

Step 2 - Tactical Development

Use acquired technical skills in controlled tactical (PnR, Pindowns, etc.) situation drill work.

Step 3 - Processing & Decision Making

Use player’s technical+tactical skills in intense, process & decision making based drills framed to be more difficult than actual gameplay.

Step 4 - Live Games

Live gameplay with extreme confidence through the intense, yet intentional preparation.

One Purpose. One Family.

Dr1ven Training

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